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Apply for OpenAI service on

The day before yesterday, when I opened the TTS service on Azure to access OpenCat, I suddenly remembered what I had seen before on How to apply for Azure OpenAI. I applied according to the steps in the blog post, hoping everything goes smoothly.

Some discoveries during the application process:

  • After submitting the application form, you will quickly receive an email requesting additional information:
    Option 1 - Provide a screenshot of the organization's "Legal Info" in Partner Center (requires global administrator).
    Option 2 - Provide proof of domain ownership.
    I submitted Option 2 here because Option 1 requires pre-registration as a developer in Partner.
  • I also applied to use Microsoft's salesperson called me the next day and said they don't provide trials. You can open the OpenAI service on by recharging 10,000 yuan 😂
  • It is said that the largest customer in South China using Azure OpenAI service is Huo La La, curious about the application scenarios.

Updated on 2023/05/09:

  • After submitting the additional information, I didn't receive any updates. Yesterday, I applied again and today I received an email notifying me of Onboard OpenAI Service. So the conclusion is, if you don't pass after a period of time, don't wait anymore, reapply.
  • Then I applied for ChatGPT4 again and received an email with the subject "Thank you for your request to join the waitlist for Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service GPT-4 Preview".
    Well, I really joined the waitlist for the waitlist, impressive..

Updated on 2023/08/31:

  • It got approved..
  • Open AI 7/7 said that the GPT-4 API will be generally available by the end of the month, but until now, it hasn't..
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